By The Glass

By The Glass

By the Glass® Wine Dispensing and Preservation Systems

The World‘s Best Wine Entertainment

By the Glass® Wine Dispensing and Preservation Systems respond to one of the hottest trends in Food & Drinks marketing around the world. They revolutionize the way wines are presented and experienced in the on-trade and up-market retail trade allowing for great visibility and new forms of direct consumer interaction.

Generation Choice

What emerged one decade ago as a powerful tool to raise the quality of sales and service in trendy bars and restaurants is about to become a sought-after attraction for a generation of consumers looking for choice and a strong visual presentation. Their unlimited potential to offer great wines by the glass and in their ideal climate has found a most spectacular expression in a handful of exclusive By the Glass wine bars and shops in cities like New York, London or Paris, some offering up to a hundred or more open wines.

Generation Visibility

Whatever scope you choose today, the amazing presentation offered by a modern, well-lit wine dispensing cabinet appeals to everybody to discover and enjoy the choice of attractive labels offered at your restaurant, wine shop or cellar door. With this perspective By the Glass® created tailor-made solutions fitting every niche and multiple areas of application with our two distinctive lines of professional wine dispensing and preservation equipment: By the Glass® Standard and By the Glass® Modular