Oct, 2021

A Must-visit Korean Restaurant For Korean Fans - The Itaewon

Recently, the Korean drama "Squid Game" is popular in Hong Kong. If you are a Korean fan, you can try the new Korean restaurant, The Itaewon.

Itaewon is a new style Korean restaurant with stylish decoration!
The signature dishes are “Korean Fried Chicken” which has five choices of flavours and “Abalone and Ginseng Chicken Soup” which is suitable to eat it in the current season.
In addition to delicious food, Itaewon offers special drinks.

Regarding the kitchen project of Itaewon, we are divided into three parts, which are the internal kitchen, the bar, and the preparation area for the appetizer.

Since the bar and the appetizer preparation area are both in the dining area, the equipment must be practical and beautiful.
In the upper right corner of the bar, there is a wall-mounted refrigerator with glass doors, which increases the storage capacity and perfectly display the wine.
Korean restaurants will provide appetizers such as kimchi and chi kin mu. Itaewon uses Precision prep counters in appetizer preparation area. Common ingredients are placed at the top and storage space at the bottom, which is convenient for employees to prepare food and keep food fresh and safe for a long time!

Oct, 2021


The popular patisseries LIFETASTIC has expanded rapidly in Hong Kong in recent years!

When their first cake shop opened, their signature Watermelon Strawberry Cake attracted admirers. Not only the aroma and taste of their food is the reason for a queue outside the store, the colourful cake design also attracts attention from from all around the city.

LIFETASTIC has to ensure that their cakes are fluffy and fresh every day, so they have professional baking equipment, a large cold storage and different kinds of refrigerators to store fruits in their Tsuen Wan factory.

Oct, 2021

Dyson Airblade™ hand dryers

We are one of the distributor of Dyson Airblade in Hong Kong. Recently we have received many orders and completed many installations. Thanks to all customers for their support!

Airblade Features
Dry hands quickly, 20 seconds dry time
Low cost, 5 years limited warranty 
HEPA filter, capture up to 99.95% of particles, including bacteria and viruses

The new Italian restaurant Venédia in Central has installed Dyson Airblade V in their toilets. Dyson Airblade V has a slim body which is designed for compact spaces.

Another reference from the Bakehouse factory. They chose Dyson Airblade wash+dry(Photo 5) and installed them at the entrance to ensure that all employees wash their hands before entering the factory. Dyson Airblade wash+dry is designed to wash and dry your hands at the sink to avoid water dripping on the floor.

Dyson Airblade™ hand dryers can make bigger saving in paper towels and reduce CO2 emissions. It is the best choice for saving and environmental protection!

Sep, 2021

Breakout Area in HSBC Centre, Tai Kok Tsui

Tai Kok Tsui HSBC office also set up a breakout area.

Breakout area is a place will boost staff productivity. People will brainstorm and come up with thousands of creative ideas while they’re chatting.

Maybe it is difficult to set up a new breakout area in the office because of limited space. How about to upgrade equipment! We provide all kinds of professional equipment such as coffee machine, dishes washing machine and wine cellar, etc. Welcome to inquire!

Sep, 2021

Breakout Area in HSBC Centre, Central

A breakout space becomes indispensable in modern office which is offering a great area to encourage interaction and enhance communication between colleagues.

We recently finished a project for HSBC Centre, Central. We provided the kitchen design consultation and equipment to them.

If you want to build a breakout area in your office, we can help!


Sep, 2021

O Chef Lab

If you want to enjoy Michelin-starred food at home, in addition to have a Michelin-starred chef cook at home, you can also try O Chef Lab pack food. Their pack food recipes were developed by Michelin-starred chef Olivier Elzer!

O Chef Lab’s pack food produce everyday. There are many series in their menu. Of Course the French series is highly recommended to try.

Cooking, sanitizing, packaging and frozen are all done in O Chef Lab’s Kitchen. Pacific Foodservice provides all these equipment.

Aug, 2021

BEA Staff Canteen

BEA has a tradition of providing complimentary lunches to its employees. In order to upgrade the food quality, they choose Pacific to help with the refurbish project.

Chefs prepare an array of healthy options every weekday in a refurbished kitchen. Employees have more rest time since they don’t need to go outside for lunch. The happiness index of BEA employees should be 5 stars.

Jul, 2021

Le Fromage by Ma @ K11 Musea

With people getting more health conscious this years, Vegan diet have become increasiongly popular.

Le Fromage by Ma at K11 Musea selling a range of vegetarian food. You may find the flagship product handmade vegan cheeze and chiaviar at the photos below. Le Fromage cheezes are made in small batches to maintain the quality.

They are using Fukushima chiller and Aeglos display showcase for storing products. Aeglos display showcase includes automatic defrost and an efficient forced air cooling system. The glass is equipped with heating film, the display is more clearly!


Jul, 2021

Colonial-style residence @ No.1 Chatham Path

We just completed a very special project, a colonial-style residence located at No.1 Chatham Path.
The facilities includes Chinese and Western kitchen, barbecue area and bar.
It was grandeur and magnificent of the house. Also you are allowed to enjoy the spectacular view at night.

Jul, 2021


Happy Summer Holidays! We recommend everyone to visit LEGOLAND Discovery Centre.

Don't forget to enjoy delicious food at the COFFEE SHOP inside. The catering equipment is provided by our company.


Jul, 2021

Medical Refrigerator @ Gracious Alliance

Gracious Alliance aims to manage based on technology and analytics elevates the medical care service level.

Recently one of their centers chose the Fukushima Galilei Medical Refrigerator to store insulin and medicine since Fukushima Galilei Medical Refrigerator features stable temperature.

The width of this model is only 500mm, which is very suitable to be placed in the corner of their small pharmacy.

In addition, client use the kitsense system for monitoring temperature and humidity to ensure the qualities and safety of medicine.

Mar, 2020

Project Highlights of K11 Musea - Themed Restaurants

The new iconic shopping mall - K11 MUSEA, which located at the heart of Victoria Dockside and neighboring the Avenue of Stars, with around 50,000 sqm and artistic design, has opened in mid-November and over 80 restaurants.

Thanks to customer support, our company completed 9 restaurant projects in a short period of time, from kitchen planning, supply catering equipment, installation and even after-sales service, provide a one-stop solution to our client.

Here are THREE Themed restaurants we completed in K11 Musea....

Oct, 2019

Future Bar by Green Common at K11 Musea

New "Grab and go" vegetarian shop introduces the world's latest plant-based ingredients. Regardless of appearance, texture and taste, it is exactly like meat. Although the store is small, but it is well stocked with goods of all kinds. The refrigerators they use is Japanese brand Fukushima.

Sep, 2019

Camellia at K11 Musea

Camellia is a extremely elegant Western-style pastry shop with the theme of pink and camellia. The designers inspiration comes from the “The World's Flower City” in Paris and the camellia, the flower which symbolizes “everlasting love and devotion”. Guests can feel like chilling in a tearoom in France to enjoy the romantic culture. We are honored to supply kitchen design and equipment for Camellia!

Aug, 2019

Harry's Kitchen at K11 Musea

Harry's Kitchen is a baking classroom that inspires creativity and love through the art of baking, allowing parents and children to play together.

We are glad to supply kitchen design and equipment for Harry's Kitchen !

Jan, 2019

Cozy Coffee in Tsuen Wan The Mills

We supply kitchen design and equipments for a brand new cafe — Cozy Coffee in the Mills.


Dec, 2018

Elysee Bakery in Kowloon City

Elysee Bakery is the French brand from Macau, the owner and baker is a French bread master. We supply durable display showcases for their exquisite cakes.


Oct, 2018

Dean & Deluca at Hong Kong International Airport

We supply customized display showcases and kitchen deisgn for the first shop of Dean & Deluca, which is the US-based gourmet food store located at the HKIA.




Oct, 2017

Green Common at Mongkok

A one stop food solution for vegetarian, Green Common opened at Mongkok THE FOREST. 

Oct, 2017

J.CO Donuts at Mongkok

The 3rd J.CO Donuts opened at Mongkok!! 


Aug, 2017

Flight Club at Hong Kong International Airport

Royal Classic display showcase at Flight Club by Plaza Premium.

Jul, 2017

J.CO Donuts at Tseung Kwan O

The 2nd J.CO Donuts shop was opened in this summer!! Thank you for client support and choosing Royal Classic refrigerators and display showcase this time.

Jul, 2017

Flamingo Bloom at Central

A tea salon called Flamingo Bloom located in Central provides modernises quality Chinese tea in a chic & cosy settings, using all Fukushima refrigerators.

Dec, 2016

J.CO Donuts at Wan Chai

Congratulations to J.CO Donuts!! Thank you for choosing our service and kitchen equipment. Today is there grand opening, hope J.CO Donuts keep crowded everyday and wish you a Merry Christmas~~